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King Air 250

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Unrivaled efficiency and flexibility

Enjoy the comfort of our King Air 250 without compromising your travel budget

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As the industry leader in twin-engine turboprops, the Beechcraft King Air may as well be considered in a class of their own. For distances less than 400 miles, flight times hardly differ from that of a jet. Especially economical for shorter, multi-leg trips, the King Air is capable of using thousands of smaller airports that aren't normally suitable for corporate jet aircraft. Inside you'll find a surprisingly spacious cabin with seating for up to 7 passengers. This comfort is extended by a higher cruising altitude of up to 35,000ft to avoid most weather, generous soundproofing technology, and a large internal baggage area.


Passengers (up to)


Max Range

1,800 NM

Cruising Speed

290 Kts


Large Internal


Aft Toilet

King Air Interior
King Air Interior
King Air Cockpit