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As our name implies, Charter One is a premier provider of Air Charter services. We're flexible enough to provide customized air travel to suit your needs.

We provide flights for corporations, families, professional, college and amatuer sports teams, entertainment groups, and more.

Fly wherever and whenever. Charter One isn't limited to major regional airports, but can use thousands of locations across North and South America including the Caribbean.

Call our professional charter group at +1 (713) 649-0101 to learn how Air Charter can be the most time-efficient and cost-effective means of travel for you.

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Charter One will use our decades of experience to enhance your ownership experience. We know what it takes to provide safe, reliable, professionally operated aircraft.

Charter One can provide experienced flight crews, maintenance expertise, aircraft cleaning services, evaluate insurance needs, and all other services related to managing your aircraft to maximize its value to you.

We provide two options for aircraft management: Part 91 and Part 135

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Looking to buy or sell?

Charter One can provide services for both.

As a buyer, we'll meet with you one-on-one to find the aircraft that suites your needs most, and work to handle all of the more complicated criteria so you don't have to.

As someone looking to sell, we'll analyze the market and develop a marketing plan. Once you approve, we'll continue the process for you with all available resources.

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